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Founding Partners
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4350 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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By sponsoring a teacher with a $25 Teacher EXCHANGE™ gift card, you are helping to provide them with much-needed classroom supplies and instructional materials while showing your appreciation for their commitment to our students.

Your donation of a $25 Teacher EXCHANGE™ gift card provides a teacher with up to $750 worth of new and gently used instructional material and/or supplies for their classroom.

Supporting Education
Protecting the Environment

In 2002, The Public Education Foundation created a green initiative dedicated to bringing resources to public classrooms and helping the environment. Since then, the Teacher EXCHANGE ™ has provided thousands of Clark County teachers with reusable, recycled and gently used materials, supplies and equipment.

The Teacher EXCHANGE ™ is a re-use and recycle resource center for all Southern Nevada public school teachers offering learning tools to teachers to enhance projects and curriculum. Donations of new and reusable materials, office supplies, surplus materials, computers, office equipment and furniture are collected from community businesses and individuals and provided to teachers for use in the classroom.

Through the Teacher EXCHANGE™, The Public Education Foundation has taken a leadership role in workplace sustainability to assist Nevada in reducing the amount of solid waste generated. Through power of public-private partnerships, the Teacher EXCHANGE™ has collected and recycled more than one million pounds of electronic hardware, paper and other materials since its inception that would have been disposed of in local landfills.

The Public Education Foundation recognizes that community partnerships are essential to impact student performance and achievement while improving our environment. In 2008, the Teacher EXCHANGE™ received a generous $708,000 grant from the Caesars Foundation to expand and enhance operations and to further promote stewardship of the environment. In 2011, the Caesars Foundation continued its commitment to green practices by awarding an additional $750,000 grant to the Teacher EXCHANGE™. Czarnowski donated 9,000 square feet of warehouse space from 2004 - 2011.

In these difficult economic times, instructional resources are limited and most teachers spend their own income on supplies for their classrooms. Donations to the Teacher EXCHANGE™ have helped save teachers an average of $1,200 they typically spend out of their own pockets on classroom materials each year.

For further information or to donate to the Teacher EXCHANGE™ please call (702) 263-6007.

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Founding Partners
Caesars Entertainment Caesars Foundation Cz
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